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Now order bandsaw blades online direct from the manufacturer

Excision has access to a large variety of bandsaw blades with unique geometry and composition, meaning we can offer a bespoke solution to every cutting job. From bi-metal to carbide to diamond to many other compositions - Excision has it all!


Bandsaw blades for cutting all:

  • Metals
  • Timbers
  • Plastics
  • Rubbers
  • Meats
  • Other compositions such as Fiberglass.


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Why Excision?

Made from the cutting experts:

Excision has been producing quality Bandsaw blades for more than 26 years and our knowledge of what a saw needs for a perfect cut is directly shown in our products.

The Excision Bandsaw blade will:

  • Allow you to cut through any material configuration
  • Give you longer blade life due to using only the highest quality steel
  • Provide smoother, straighter cuts
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Bandsaw blades made to order

Excision is a manufacturer - meaning we offer a bespoke blade for your job. Next day delivery of custom blades to anywhere in Australia is possible. Excision has a unique world-class, fully automated paperless manufacturing system for processing of orders, giving 100% transparency and increasing efficiencies. Every blade is individually tracked through the whole manufacturing process to meet our quality standards. With this the workflow optimization means that Excision is the most efficient and flexible Bandsaw blade manufacturer in the world. Our machinery is kept at optimum performance through an in-depth maintenance routine, ensuring maximum capabilities and efficiencies at all times.

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At Excision we have a technical team ready to help out with any cutting job! 

How can we help?:

  • Blade recommendation including tooth pitch's 
  • Detailed feeds and speeds
  • Training for saw users
  • Solution based recommendations i.e. increased efficiency, cost saving, surface finish etc..