New Innovation.

Excision continues to innovate! Introducing a range that will revolutionize how to use lubrication in high-pressure applications such as cutting, drilling and tapping. Excision is excited to introduce a proven high performance paste and oil, in easy to use applicators to make any job easier while ensuring you get up to 5 times tool life.




Excision’s XDP 905 Range, an innovation in lubricants. 

Specially formulated and designed for high-pressure cutting and tapping applications especially on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

All products provide exceptional film strength, adhesion, extreme pressure properties, high-speed applications, highest resistance to water and corrosion.





XDP 905 PASTE is the ultimate performer in high-pressure cutting and tapping applications.

XDP 905 PASTE provides exceptional film strength, adhesion and extreme pressure properties. It has highest resistance to water and corrosion, and is an excellent anti-seize.

It comes in an innovative no-mess tube with a heavy-duty industrial brush attached to it.  Simply squeeze the tube and apply the paste mess-free to where it’s required.  The paste also comes in a traditional tub for easy dipping.

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XDP 905 SPRAY is a neat oil formulation ensuring best performance in high-pressure cutting and tapping applications, especially on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

XDP 905 SPRAY offers a directional straw ensuring pinpoint accuracy for hard to reach areas.

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XDP 905 Fluid

Excision’s new XDP 905 FLUID in a bottle for neat oil application continuous the superior performance of the XDP 905 range. Applying the lubricant when cutting, drilling or tapping has never been easier. Simply point the nozzle of the bottle to the drill or cutting area, give it a slight squeeze and vital lubrication is provided when coolant cannot be applied via coolant systems.
Larger bottles are also available, so you can be assured not to run out of lubricant.

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