Tips for increasing the life of your TCT Blade
  • Excision Dry-Cutter blades can be resharpened. Some are designed to be used only once, and while these may be cheaper, they don't offer a good long term economical solution.
  • Excision TCT Dry-Cut blades are manufactured to be used dry, however the use of a neat oil such as XDP 905 can help improve blade life. If using coolant, it is wise to make sure that the cooling of tips is not a rapid process, therefore flood cooling shouldn't be used.
  • Ensure your workpiece is clamped very tightly, as any vibration will reduce your blade life.
  • Sharpen as soon as the blade begins to dull. Once a blade begins to wear it can wear a lot quicker. If it is sharpened earlier is is cheaper to sharpen and will increase the overall life of the blade.
  • Run blade at slower speeds than standard abrasive saws. Otherwise use a smaller blade diameter to lower the periphery speed.
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